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Alex Mayhew, an artist and designer known for his innovative fusion of technology with art, and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) teamed up to create a new perspective on old pieces of art. In 2017 the ReBlink project was launched where the public can see some works of art come to life through augmented reality (AR). This project has had a very positive impact for the AGO, attracting audiences of all ages to the exhibition, and even capturing the attention of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who showed up for a private tour. ReBlink definitely generated a lot of excitement and engagement.

However, Mayhew didn’t stop once the ReBlink project took off. He started an experimental project called ReBlink Plus derived from ReBlink where he explores how AR and art can be combined to an art gallery’s collection outside of its walls. For example, he remixed the original c. 1625 painting “Evisceration of a Roebuck with a Portrait of a Married Couple” by Flemish artist Frans Snyders, which is in the AGO’s collection, and incorporated it into an AR activation in a processed food section of a local market, thereby alluding to the origin of the painting. He also collaborated with the clothing brand “Dust of Gods” to allow AR artworks to be displayed on the back of some of the fashion company’s jackets. Moreover, Mayhew developed ReBlink Cards, which allows you to buy collectible cards that offer a different perspective through augmented reality. This innovative artist creates ways for us to experience different scales and environments using our own electronic devices.

According to an interview with CBC News, Mayhew believes that while mobile devices are responsible for reducing people’s attention spans and creating a distraction problem, they can also be the solution to a new way of appreciating art. ReBlink is an excellent example of how technology, when used well, can be an excellent ally for the art world. So why be left out? Join us! Subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this and follow us on our social networks.

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