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Dive deeper into the future of museums through our canvas of augmented storytelling.

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“Augmented exhibitions and the RealMetaverse represent the future of museum visitors’ experiences because of the countless possibilities they open up for everyone, everywhere.”

Raj Nayak, Founder

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Augmented Tours

Augment your exhibits using simplified drag and drop solution.

Virtual Tours

Create immersive virtual tours for mobile and head-mounted units.


An exact 3D Replica of your gallery with immersive storytelling for virtual experiences.

Image Recognition

Our proprietary algorithm for faster and easier scans of exhibits.


Link multiple digital overlays to any exhibit - text to video or 3D Models to quizzes.


Unveil those hidden stories within your exhibits for deeper immersion.


Offer multi-language support to any resource, increasing reach to audiences.


viewer usage of elements and resources for every exhibition.

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