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“I was able to download and open the app on my Android phone. I visited the three sites and was able to open descriptions of the images provided. Some had video, others audio explanations. It seems that the advantage of the RealMeta solution is that one will be able to simply scan images of supported environments and the AI will show information on the topic. This could improve existing approaches where QR codes are used to load multimedia descriptions of objects in museums or walking tours.”

Jim Murphy

Frequently Asked Questions

Our app is designed to revolutionize the museum experience by integrating interactive storytelling and advanced technology. It transforms traditional exhibits into immersive, educational, and engaging journeys.

We built a very simplified drag and drop canvas so anyone can create immersive storytelling content without any prior training. The MetavisitAR app is designed for accessibility for visitors of ages regardless of their technology knowledge.

While more and more museums are joining our network, we currently partner with a select group of museums. Please check our App Explore page to see the list of museums and artists currently using our solution.

Yes, we support several languages, catering to a diverse range of visitors. Language settings can be easily adjusted within the app.

Yes, you can mark your favorite pieces and exhibits within the app, allowing for easy reference and revisit during or after your museum tour.

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