Art, history, and heritage at your fingertips

Your solution to bring any exhibition to life and let visitors discover Art and Culture through new lenses.

At the Museums

Bring emotional and immersive storytelling to visitors fingertips when they visit the museum.

Reaching Remote Visitors

Take your immersive tours to visitors homes and exponentially grow your visitor traffic.

Engage with the Metaverse

Bring a realistic experience through head mounted units like the MetaQuest.

RealMeta as your partner

RealMeta is your go-to partner for making your exhibits engaging and more accessible. Think virtual tours, augmented paintings, and stories that pop out of any mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Augmented Exhibits

Unveil hidden stories on-site from your exhibits with our Augmented Reality

Immersive Experiences

We create fully immersive 3D galleries for your exhibits to be experienced from anywhere

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