Unveiling the Future: Museu Catavento’s AR Revolution

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In 2022, Museu Catavento, nestled in São Paulo’s vibrant heart, celebrated its 13th anniversary with an extraordinary gift for its visitors — a cutting-edge mobile app crafted by RealMeta. This innovative app seamlessly merges Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, creating a captivating realm of immersive experiences for all.

Discover the Museum

Museu Catavento, a beloved interactive museum under São Paulo’s Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy, has charmed over half a million visitors annually for the past 13 years. Nestled within the historic Palácio das Indústrias, it stands as a beacon of Brazil’s rich cultural heritage. Dedicated to Science, and interwoven with Technology and History in its exhibitions, the museum caters to all ages.

The RealMeta Vision

At RealMeta, we envision a world where technology breathes life into culture, history, and art, forging immersive experiences that transcend boundaries and foster profound connections. Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed Museums and Art Galleries embracing the digital realm to craft revolutionary visitor experiences. In the face of the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic, these innovations rapidly evolved to adapt to a new world. Museu Catavento seized this opportunity to enhance the technological facet of the institution and offer immersive visitor experiences, embracing our state-of-the-art technology.

Pioneering the Project

Marking its 13th anniversary in 2022, Museu Catavento joined forces with us, formerly known as 3rdi Laboratory Inc., to develop a groundbreaking solution. This innovative mobile app, available for both Android and iOS users, leverages augmented reality and artificial intelligence to deliver unparalleled educational and immersive experiences. By simply pointing their mobile phones at any of the 13 chosen locations within the Museum, visitors can access meticulously crafted audios, videos, and animations, ensuring an enriching and captivating experience every time.

The Development Journey

RealMeta’s extensive expertise in AI-driven cultural narratives within Augmented Reality paved the way for the successful 6-month pilot of the Catavento App. This cutting-edge AR solution was crafted in less than 3 weeks and garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors. It was extensively utilized during the 13th-anniversary event and continues to captivate visitors daily. The success of this endeavor has reverberated through prestigious institutions like the Museu du Futbol, the Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM), the Museu da Imigração, the Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo (MAC/USP), and the Museu Afro Brasil, all expressing interest in similar initiatives.

Embrace the Future

Our culturally immersive app, tailored to meet Museu Catavento’s aspirations in adapting to a digital world, marks a monumental milestone in the realm of Museums and Art Galleries. It showcases technology’s incredible potential to enrich visitor experiences, democratizing cultural heritage for a global audience. While the pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to the world, we transformed them into opportunities for Museums and Art Galleries to thrive, offering accessible and immersive visitor experiences worldwide. As we leap into the future, let’s embrace technology’s boundless potential, connecting our world and embracing the wonders it has to offer. Join us in this incredible adventure as we unveil the marvels of technology and redefine your Museum’s place in the future.

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