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The RealMeta team is thrilled to announce that we’ve released the latest version of our cutting-edge mobile application and Content Creation Canvas! Starting today, the power is yours to give your museum and your visitors the gift of augmented exhibitions and experiences in the RealMetaverse.

RealMeta offers one intuitive platform, easy content creation, and helpful management tools – all at your preferred price point.

You can now:

  1. Download and experience the app in action
  2. Start a free trial and instantly create on the Canvas
  3. Watch your immersive digital creations come to life

Here’s all you need to get started instantly:

  1. A mobile device with a working camera
  2. A computer
  3. An internet connection

Get Started Now: Self-Demonstration

We know you’re curious and want to see how this platform works for yourself. Demos are free!

  1. Download the app from the Gallery page in the website
  2. Augmented Reality:
    • Open our app on your mobile device.
    • Open the “AR visit” tab.
    • Choose a location.
    • Scan the associated AR exhibits on our Gallery webpage and experience the app in action for yourself!
  3. Virtual Reality:
    • Open our app on your mobile device.
    • Open the “RealMeta visit” tab.
    • Choose a location.
    • The sample VR experience will begin!

Get Started Now: Content Creation

We know you’re creative and want to explore our tools for yourself. So take the next step!

  1. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive exclusive access to our user-friendly Content Creation Canvas. Let’s get you building your museum’s “next big thing” right away with a free trial.
  2. You will be emailed a link to register for your free trial.
  3. A Canvas Manual and full access to the Canvas itself will follow.
  4. Enjoy seeing how easy it is to craft deeply immersive digital experiences for your museums’ visitors!

Let’s Partner: Connect with RealMeta

We want to work with you, and we know you’ll feel the same after you try our self-demonstration and Content Creation Canvas for yourself.

We’re eager to make digital visitor experiences accessible to museums, and so we offer 3 pricing models:

  1. Emerging Creator
  2. Professional Creator
  3. Established Creator

Visit our Pricing page for more information!

We want to ensure you have the best experience possible. Reach out now! Our CEO and Director, Raj Nayak, is available for meetings and via email ( to start a conversation about your goals, needs, opportunities, and partnership with RealMeta.

Let’s open your museum’s digital doors to the world together with our immersive and engaging AR and VR solution!

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